Thursday, 26 April 2012

Google Drive... says "me too!"

So, I've got my Google Drive now. And so far, it does what you'd expect. EXACTLY what you'd expect.

Similar featureset to Dropbox? Check. New Googley icon? Check. Crash while installing? Check. Syncs a whole load of Google Docs I forgot I had which are now cluttering my hard drive? Check.

I think a lot of users will take one look at the inevitable residue of Google Docs that get shoved onto your hard disk on first sync, and think "Oh, this a special folder for special Googley things. I won't put anything else in there. Except maybe Googley things... If I ever work out what they are and what they might be for."

Some people still find Dropbox a little hard to understand. But at least the stuff in your Dropbox folder looks like your stuff. The stuff in my Google Drive folder doesn't even look like my stuff. (And it doesn't like it when you rename the folder either, by the way. It's like the rest of your stuff being called "Apple Documents" or "Microsoft Music". That's right, Google, really ram that branding home!)

Oops. This sounds a little unencouraging. Cloud storage is great. And it's great that Google are giving some away for free, alongside their amazing free email, and a whole load of other fantastic free products. But I've currently got 12GB of storage for free from Dropbox, and I'm not using all of that. I don't think I'll be splitting my stuff between the two services.

So far, I'm wondering if Google Drive is following the me-too pattern of Google Plus - which isn't the greatest credit to such a significant technology company.