Wednesday, 7 March 2012

First cards arrive!

I know, I know. The Ferrari is mine. Well the picture of it is. Apologies in advance to those that might have imagined our first web app Cards in the Post to send much better photographs. The good news is, you can fix that. Soon*!

* As soon as we resolve a bunch of reasonably serious bugs before providing even private beta.

These were submitted Sunday and arrived Wednesday by 'standard class' mail. Latest decision is to automatically post everything first class. Because you're worth it.


  1. You know I don't like to be picky Adam but isn't that a Lamborghini Countach?!

  2. Adam's choice of car is abysmal. Really really bad. I much prefer the William Egglestone tricycle.

  3. Is it?? OK. Bet you can't name the cathedral in the background though.

    Hint: it's Winchester.

  4. I'm not great on cathedrals but if it was Winchester it would be more likely to have a Jazz parked outside it. Very similar to a Countach.