Monday, 9 January 2012

Games that break the mould in 2012

It's great to see games that aren't just designed to pump up the average American teenage gamer with adrenalin and bullets.

Here's some new games that are either out this year or recently released. These are games that refreshingly break the mould from all that Modern Warfare same-same.

The Last Guardian

Sony/Team Ico, PS3

Following on from the same team that created Ico and Shadow Of The Colossus, we can expect haunting visuals and themes in this game about a boy exploring a citadel with a huge feathered beast. Ico and Shadow Of The Colossus were great games, but they were also explorations of mood and story-telling. It's been promised for ages, but The Last Guardian is now slated for release in 2012.


Sony/thatgamecompany, PS3

From the same company, Flow and Flower are amazing artistic games that turn your PS3 into a beautiful and calming hallucination. Journey looks set to do the same, but perhaps with more of an adventuring theme.

Escape Plan

Sony/Fun Bits, PlayStation Vita

More amazing black and white rich visuals (seems to be the Art Direction thing right now, no?) in a charming and funny lateral-thinking adventure for the new PS Vita.

Rayman Origins

Ubisoft, Wii, PS3, Xbox

No more 3d for Rayman. Instead, experience the most gorgeously animated and varied slap-stick adventure you've ever played. The themes are juvenile, but this is a very mature approach to gaming animation and graphics.


Playdead, PS3

Black and white simple visuals in a story about a boy finding his way out of… who knows where. Don't be deceived though - the simplicity is a rarified sort of perfection. It's tremendously atmospheric, very smooth, and it draws you in only in order to trap you in its devious puzzles.

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