Thursday, 24 November 2011

On becoming a 'social media guru'

I've decided to become a social media jedi professional savant guru. This will raise my day-rate exponentially as I waltz into high-powered meetings spouting nonsense about trending top of mind, reach and virality (not virility).

@JohnLewisQuotes is a new Twitter account I'm using to experiment with new l33t social media skills. Why John Spedan Lewis? He's a personal hero of mine and there's very little available online of what he actually had to say. He had great insight into capitalism and democracy, so in these days of massive twitter-savvy Occupy protests, I hope that might give me some traction. Also the John Lewis Xmas TV ad went off the scale on Twitter, so that's another angle.

I know you're reaching for the +1 button already, but steady yourself: here's what I've learnt so far in my quest to make @JohnLewisQuotes more popular than @StephenFry.
  • Use the tools for the job. I tried Tweetdeck, the official Twitter software, Echofon, Tweetie, CoTweet and SocialOomph. Mostly clunky Air apps, the quality is generally poor. I settled on Hootsuite, a browser-based application with all the main features I need.
  • Stay in character at all times, as an actor must on-stage
  • Ignore the trolls. A few naysayers will try to drag you into a deeply negative, one-on-one disagreement. Don't engage.
  • Consistency over genius. Use scheduling features to keep up the momentum even while you're elsewhere
  • Auto-DM (on follow) is generally frowned upon. Hootsuite don't offer it and other products implemented it then took it out.
  • A watched pot never boils - sitting waiting for re-tweets is depressing. Better to check back every few hours.
The experiment started 48 hours ago and while my follower count remains low, my first tweet has been retweeted over 100 times and I've a meeting lined up with Peter Cox, author of the book 'Spedan's Partnership'.

What are you waiting for? Follow @JohnLewisQuotes now!

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