Wednesday, 28 September 2011

New Kindle, new world domination


So, Amazon have launched a new Kindle, the Kindle Fire, and it's an Android tablet with an Amazon front end.

At $199, it looks to me like it'll be an iPad-for-the-rest-of-us. (Not me, mind you - I'll get both.)

Goodbye, competitors in the tablet space.

But I think the most interesting thing is this:

Amazon have just completed the chain to lock down their position in The Big Three - by which, I mean Apple, Google, Amazon. There's three companies who are working away on almost exactly the same ground, and totally blocking out competition (for now). Amazing.

More specifically, each of those three companies has a roadmap which includes linking up an impressive chain of links that tie consumers into their lovely buyable worlds of stuff.

Here's the chain:

Post-PC device > O.S. > Browser > Services > Ecommerce

For Google, the tablet strategy involves a massive range of third parties.
  • The O.S. is their own Android.
  • The Browser is Chrome.
  • The Services are search, video, and a billion other things that keep the web spinning.
  • The Ecommerce is mostly leveraged by having so many consumers.

For Amazon, there's the Kindle Fire, and the Kindle Touch and stuff.
  • The O.S. is a skinned version of Android.
  • The Browser is Amazon Silk.
  • The Services are books, music, video and stuff.
  • The Ecommerce happens through

For Apple, there's the iPad and iPhone.
  • The O.S. is iOS.
  • The Browser is Safari.
  • The Services are music and apps and stuff.
  • The Ecommerce happens through iTunes and the App Store.

Wow. We're being locked down by the megacorporations. There's only gonna be a few massive companies, and they're going to do everything.

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